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About Me

My name is Jonathan and I created this business for people like me, who were suffering with chronic tension headaches and pain and seeking evidence-informed quality therapeutic massage to manage. I saw many "experts" and professionals that didn't take the time to listen to my problems and experience and instead offered me solutions that were focused on things that really didn't matter much. The massage therapist, physical therapist, or chiropractor all had different answers for what the problem was,  and the treatments either offered little relief or made it worse. I set out to offer compassionate evidence-informed massage for this reason. Massage is a tool that can be used to manage pain and stress, but not replace long term solutions like proper nutrition, frequent exercise, and quality sleep. My knowledge and skill set allow me to make basic suggestions that can help you manage pain with self-massage techniques, stretching, and exercise. I am currently serving the south Plano, north Dallas, and Richardson areas with in-studio massage appointments. Book a session today!

Education and Certifications

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (Tempe, AZ)

I completed my 750 hour massage program specializing in myofascial release and reiki in August 2019.

Emerald Bodywork Education (Plano, TX)

I completed the intro to lymphatic drainage 6 hour course as well as the 6 hour lymphatic drainage for post-op course (February 2023). If you're looking for lymphatic drainage in the south Plano, north Dallas, or Richardson area you can know you're in the right hands. Certificates available upon request.

Certificate in Strength and Conditioning in Rehabilitation                 (University of Saskatchewan)

 I took Ph.D. in physical therapy Scotty Butcher's course on strength and condition in rehabilitation where I learned basic principles to programming and coaching strength and condition for populations rehabilitating from surgery and injuries(January 2023). Although this course doesn't instantly give me the same scope of practice as a physical therapist or make me an expert on strength and conditioning in a rehab context, it does allow me to make general suggestions for people that can make a huge difference. 

NASM(National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal trainer

I completed the NASM-CPT course which gives me the base knowledge needed in order to offer personal training to the public(August 2023)

Physical Therapist

My Philosophy

Did you know that even people without pain can have degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, or other tissue damage. It's true, tissue damage is not equal to proportionate pain and it is not a life sentence of chronic pain. I try my best to approach my clients and their problems with compassion. I believe my clients deserve to enjoy their sessions AND leave with relief from whatever it is they're struggling with. Instead of treating your problems like a knot that can be untied, I want to give you space to recharge and reflect on how you've been treating your body and support you in creating and reinforcing habits that prevent injuries and chronic pain. 

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